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Learn about how STEM Institution was founded and what we believe in

What We’re All About

We believe in making learning a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. This is why besides offering lessons on critical skills, we also want to inspire and motivate everyone to stay curious and adaptable throughout their lives. Join us today if you’re ready to make an impact on your learning journey. 

We’re here to enable learners to discover the valuable skillsets in STEM and find their place in the fast-changing world. We believe in being hands-on and applying classroom lessons to solve real-life problems. 

Our Space

Our goal is to turn challenges into learning opportunities and enable individuals to overcome barriers during their lifelong educational journey. 

-STEM Institution
Founding Story

Who We Are

“Providing impactful education for everyone.”

STEM Institution was founded by three individuals from diverse backgrounds who are passionate about one thing: learning. The co-founders carry a wealth of experience in the education field. Between the three of them, they’ve got over 20 years’ worth of combined experience in the sector. What’s more, our team is made up of everyone from STEM advocates, to parents of young children, all of whom bear witness to the rapid evolution in Singapore’s competitive landscape — at work, at school and in our daily lives. 

We’re confident that our teachers are highly capable of enabling individuals at various stages in their learning journey to master the secrets of coding and thrive in our exciting world of tech.

As of September 28, 2021, STEM Institution is a STEM.org Accredited Educational Organization.

Our Core Team

Our Team

Business Development Director

“Equipping students with lifeskills and the mentality to be ever ready to adapt to changes”

With more than 12 years of experience in the educational industry, our Business Development Director held positions in roles in the education industry including Training Manager and being part of the before joining CODE@SG team in 2014. He spearheaded the Code for Fun programme in 2014, jointly with MOE CPDD, and it had been anchored as a core enrichment program in MOE schools till the present.

Embracing the importance of STEM and Edtech, he now manages Techstorm Pte Ltd as Business Development Director and oversees the operation of STEM institution which manages training programme for students and PMETS.

Our Team

Programme Director

“The sparkle in the kids’ eyes when they succeed keeps me going”

Our programme director was exposed to creating innovative and creative solutions for engineering challenges that sparked her interest in creating prototypes and testing innovative electronic, electrical, and IT projects.

As a strong believer in inculcating a growth mindset in young children, she now manages Techstorm Pte Ltd as the Programme Director and oversees the outreach and curriculum development of STEM Institution, a training provider for schools as well as the public (both children and adults). She is passionate about creating a curriculum that incorporates elements of design challenges as well, to better prepare the next generation in becoming proficient problem solvers so that they can overcome any adversity they face in the future.

Our Team

Customer Success

“Providing our best service to both schools and the general public in their learning journey.”

Our Customer Success Director has been in the education industry for more than 9 years, with a focus on engaging the community on EdTech and STEM-related skills. The decade’s worth of experience in the sector has exposed her to expertise in piloting successful projects in MOE schools, organising nationwide technology-related competitions, and conducting corporate programs.

She will be focusing on outreaching efforts, building relationships within the industry, as well as growing the business. With her vast experience in managing stakeholders, STEM Institution aims to provide our best service to both schools and the general public in their learning journey.

Teaching Staff

Our Passionate Freelancers

Consisting of a (still growing) team of 20 trainers, our team of freelancers are frequently deployed to MOE schools and are MOE approved. These trainers have a vast amount of experience with different hardware and software, including Microbit, mBot, Scratch, MIT App inventor, DJI Tello Edu, Codey Rocky, 3D Printing, Arduino, Sensors and Circuitry, etc.