DJI Robomaster Youth Championship 2022 Singapore

DJI Robomaster Youth Championship 2022 Singapore

DJI RoboMaster Youth Championship 2022 Singapore
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RoboMaster Youth Championship (RMYC) is organized by DJI Education to evolve the current robotic competition standards into the whole new level that excite and interests of our next generation in engineering and robotic. DJI Education builds on success of their flagship RoboMaster University Competition which attracted more than 300 teams from various renowned international university annually and uncovered engineering talents for DJI.

RoboMaster 2022 Youth Championship Singapore is a national level competition as the champion, first runner-up, second runner-up and third runner-up teams of RoboMaster 2022 Youth Championship Singapore get to represent Singapore at either RoboMaster 2022 Youth Championship Final in China where all top teams of RoboMaster 2022 Youth Championship will compete for the grand champion, or at DJI RoboMaster International Game to compete using remote access technologies with teams from other countries.

Competition overview

RoboMaster 2022 Youth Championship requires teams to engineer the hardware of their robot and code AI capabilities of their robot for a 4 vs 4 tactical game. In the 4 vs 4 game, the team has to defend their base and attack the opponent’s base using robots and drones. Video on competition:

There are three robot roles in RoboMaster 2022 Youth Championship, namely 2 Warriors, 1 Engineer and 1 drone. Their missions are:

Competition Rules

Please download RoboMaster 2022 Youth Championship Rule Manual via the following links to know more about equipment requirements and competition rules for Primary, and Junior and Senior groups.

Online Practise

Sign up for the free webinar here

DJI Education Hub has realistic simulated environment of RoboMaster Youth Championship arena that allows your team to practise line following, object detection and autonomous object grabbing missions of RoboMaster Youth Championship.


  • DJI certificate for all participating team members.
  • Trophy and attractive DJI products for winning teams.
  • Represent Singapore in either RMYC 2022 Final in China or RoboMaster International Games for champion, first runner-up, second runner-up, and third runner-up of Secondary and Senior Category.
  • Competition Groups and Team

    There are three competition groups in RoboMaster 2022 Youth Championship Singapore, namely Primary, Secondary and Senior Group. The age requirements for the three groups are:

    Primary group: 8 to 12 years old. (Refer to Primary Group Rules Manual)

    Secondary group: 13 to 16/17 years old. (Refer to Junior and Senior Group Rules Manual)

    Senior group: 16 to 19 years old. (Refer to Junior and Senior Group Rules Manual)

    Each team requires at least four members and up to six members where one of the members is a team leader and kindly refer to Operator Line-up section of the Rules Manual for roles of team members.

    Only one Trainer/Teacher as Team Manager. The team must be full-time students from Singapore schools. Each member can only participate in one team. Home-schooled participants and teams consisting of students of from different schools can registered as “Independent teams”. For secondary category, each school can send up to 2 teams.

    Registration and Schedule

    Sign up for the free webinar here

    Please register via . No registration fee and each team entitles to one hour of practise session.

    Registration: Starting from 1 Jan 2022

    Competition Dates: 6 June 2022 to 9 June 2022

    Venue: Shaw Foundation Alumni House

    The competition can occur in-person with full compliance to standing safe management measures and requirements or via remote access with livestream depending on Singapore government policies. Remote access has been used during DJI RoboMaster International Games where international teams competed via remote access.

    For more information, pls drop us a message.

    For more information, pls drop us a message.

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