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MakeX DSA Programme

The DSA MakeXSpark Programme is a 12 week (2hr/week) programme that helps guide students towards the Singapore National MakeXSpark Competition 2021.

Competition details can be found here

Competition documents can be downloaded here

Lesson Flow

  • Begin with the block-based coding approach on your robotics journey. Learn how to make use of block-based coding to control your robot in different ways to achieve your goal for the competition.

  • Learn about real-world applications and cutting-edge technologies, including Robotics, AI, IoT and Data Science

  • Introduction to MakeX Spark Online Competition and using design thinking, come up with projects that can allow our loved ones to feel loved or being cared for.

  • Finalise the problem statement and objectives of your project. Work on project documentations and plan the equipment you will need then, start on prototyping and software programming.

  • Project construction & Creation of poster 

    Put together project documentations including the design plan, problems encountered during the construction process and the solutions, etc.

  • Consultation & Consolidate documents required for judging and submit those documents

You Will

Learn about cutting-edge technologies, including Robotics, AI, IoT and Data Science

What are sensors and actuators, and how they are similar/different

What is design thinking and make use of it to solve a real-life problem.


Suitable for kids ages below 12. Kids should be comfortable with using mouse and keyboard.


Class Code:



Sun (1-3pm)

Start Date:

23 Jan 2022