Holiday Programmes

mBot Robotics

The mBot2 Robotics STEM Camp is a trial version of our DSA MakeXSpark Programme. Students who find this camp fun and interesting may join our DSA Programme in term 3 next year to participate in the competition.

Past Competition details can be found here

Past Competition documents can be downloaded here

Lesson Flow

  • Begin with the block-based coding approach on your robotics journey. Learn how to make use of block-based coding to control your robot in different ways to achieve your goal for the competition.

  • Learn about real-world applications and cutting-edge technologies, including Robotics, AI, IoT and Data Science

  • Using design thinking, understand what are some problems in your community and come up with prototypes that may improve or solve that problem.

  • Finalise the problem statement and objectives of your project. Work on project documentations and plan the equipment you will need then, start on prototyping and software programming.

You Will

Learn about cutting-edge technologies, including Robotics, AI, IoT and Data Science

What are sensors and actuators, and how they are similar/different

What is design thinking and make use of it to solve a real-life problem.


2 age ranges are available. [Ages 7-12] and [12 to 16]

Kids should be comfortable with using a mouse and keyboard. You may join a higher age range if you have prior experience in coding or robotics.


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20-21 Nov (2-6pm)

24-25 Nov (2-6pm)

30-1 Dec (2-6pm)

9-10 Dec (9-1pm)

13-14 Dec (2-6pm)

27-28 Dec (9-1pm)