Holiday Programmes

Minecraft Coding Camp

In this programme, students are put through various coding design challenges in varying difficulties. They will be tasked to use coding basics to program the Minecraft Agent to collect data and develop plans that describe a program’s sequence of events, goals, and expected outcomes in order to solve real-world problems. 

There are also design challenges that allow students to work in a collaborative setting through a multi-player realm, applying all the concepts and skills previously learned as they embark on a coding adventure where they will need to solve various quests while developing essential soft skills through discussion and teamwork.

You Will

How to develop programs with sequences and simple loops, to express ideas or address a problem.

How to develop plans that describe a program’s sequence of events,   goals, and expected outcomes.

How Artificial Intelligence is used to collect data about natural disasters and understand its benefits.


Suitable for kids ages 9 and above OR for kids that has some basic knowledge of block-based coding.