Holiday Programmes

Minecraft Design Camp

In this programme, students start by learning how to design their own world in Minecraft and be challenged to experience the thinking process as a game creator. They will learn to exercise their creativity through pixel art, blueprint design, and game design architecture in Minecraft’s creative mode.

As they progress through different levels of the programme, students will discover the wonders of Redstone in Minecraft.

Redstone is the equivalent of electricity in Minecraft, allowing students to explore building their own automated and innovative products, e.g. automated door, bouncy castle and even rollercoasters to bring their ideas to life.

You Will

How to navigate, build, destroy, and use inventory items in Minecraft

Elements of art and principles of design and how to apply them

What is automation and use Redstone concepts to simulate automation in your creation


Suitable for kids ages 7 and above OR for kids that has some basic knowledge of minecraft controls.


Class Code:







22-23 Nov (2-6pm)

29-30 Nov (9-1pm)

13-14 Dec (9-1pm)

20-21 Dec (9-1pm)

29-30 Dec (9-1pm)