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MIT App Inventor DSA Programme

The MIT App Inventor DSA Programme is a 12 week (2hr/week) programme that helps guide students towards the MIT app of the month challenge.

Find out more about the App Inventor here!

Lesson Flow

  • Students will first be introduced to App Inventor and learn mobile apps are created. They will learn the main parts of the App Inventor interface – the “Designer” with its components, as well as the Blocks Editor with its “Drawers” – to enable them to change components’ properties and code.

  • Students will learn how to run and test their apps on Android devices using the MIT AI2 Companion app. They are encouraged to design their own musical apps using sounds effects and instrument recordings, with provided images and matching music/sound recordings. They can also add their own images and sounds as an added challenge.

  • Students will learn how to use the Canvas, Ball, and ImageSprite components in App Inventor to create an animated game. They will also learn to use the Accelerometer sensor to guide the Ball’s movement.

  • Students will get more practice with procedures, creating a Restart procedure to reset ImageSprites. They also will learn how to use conditionals to check for collision of ImageSprites with the red ball. They will also use a conditional to test for user input when the game ends.

  • Students will make a multiplayer drawing app that uses CloudDB to pass multiple pieces of information between devices. They will use CT concepts such as sequences, events, conditionals, parallelism, naming, operators, and data manipulation in creating an app.

  • Students will ideate and design an app that can be used to solve a problem. They will apply computational thinking concepts such as sequences, events, repetition, conditionals, parallelism, operators, data structures, and naming and employ computational thinking practices such as reusing and/or remixing code, decomposing tasks into subtasks, being iterative and incremental, and eventually testing and debugging.


Suitable for kids ages below 12. Kids should be comfortable with using mouse and keyboard. They should have some basics in coding knowledge.


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Sat (10-12pm)

Sat (4-6pm)

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