Experience Workshop

Maker Series

In this parent-child workshop, participants will make their own tea light candles and jar candles – personalised with their choice of colour, scent, and vinyl decoration. Through this workshop, participants will learn about the benefits of beeswax compared to other types of wax, try their hands at using Cricut to create vinyl decorations, and customise their own beeswax candles.

3 Key Learning Outcomes

Suitable for those who want to try out Cricut Joy or have just bought a machine and need an introduction to the machine and software.

Suitable for those who want to try out making a beeswax candle, personalised with a choice of colour and scent.

Suitable for those who to spend quality time bonding with friends and family members.


Suitable for kids ages 13 and above OR for parents and child who wants some parent-child bonding time OR for a small group of friends to get together to make customized gifts!


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