Qdee Starter Kit (Without Micro:bit)


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The Best micro:bit Programmable Robot Kit with Infinite Configurations.

Qdee is a programmable STEAM educational robotic kit powered by micro:bit. Equipped with varieties of electronic modules and metal brackets, it can be built into many form factors and programmable actions. It is compatible with LEGO bricks to further extend its functionality and users’ creativity. Qdee teaches and inspires logical analysis, programming capability, multidisciplinary thinking and scientific innovation.

  • Support micro:bit block editor and python language, easy to get started.
  • Include plenty of mechanical structures, dozens of robot shapes are available.
  • Equipped with dozens of electronic modules and intelligent serial bus servo, with high precision and feedback function.
  • Matched with powerful phone APP and PC-end offline software.

More Electronic Modules, More DIY Qdee Starter has a variety of sensors and expansion ports. More functions enable the learning ways more diversified. Qdee Starter is even compatible with LEGO, improve your hands-on ability while learning program.