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A list of all the programmes we offer at STEM Institution

Sept Holidays Programmes

Our holiday programme is a great way to get your child started on STEM. Be it game creation, coding, robotics or design we have it all. Programmes available from 4 and up, online and physical classes available.

Minecraft Design / Coding Camp

Students will either learn how to design their own world in Minecraft and are challenged to think like a game creator or they will use codes to solve challenges.

Camp duration: 4 days (2hr/day)
Multiple programmes for
ages 7-14

Roblox Game Design Camp

In this camp, students will learn to design a game in Roblox Studio where they construct their own obstacles and terrains to complete their game. 

Camp duration: 4 days (2hr/day)
Programmes available for
ages 8 to 13

Robotics & Coding Camp

In this camp, students will learn and make use of coding and robotics to solve a real-world situations through problem-based learning.

Camp duration: 4 days (2hr/day) except DSA prep 5days (4hr/day)
Multiple programmes for ages 7-14

Adult and Child Workshops

Workshops are for adults and children who just want to have some fun and customise their own items or pick up a new skill to have a go at being an entrepreneur!

Duration varies for different workshops. Multiple programmes for ages 7 and up


At a Glance

At STEM Institution, we offer a range of programmes for children as young as 4 all the way to adults. We also cater for school training and corporate events.

Holiday Programmes

Holiday programmes are the perfect way to get started with STEM, choose from different software and hardware to see if STEM is for your child!

Competition Preparation Programmes (DSA)

Competition preparation programmes are an intensive set of lessons that prepares them towards different competitions. This helps prepare your child’s portfolio for DSA.

Workshops for Adults & Children

Who says adults can’t learn new tricks! Adult programmes are for those who just want to have some fun or pick up a new skill to have a go at entrepreneurship!

Pri/Sec School

We offer training programmes for students and teachers and also supply hardware to schools hardware Do drop us an email for a quotation. Our pool of trainers are MOE-approved.