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Introduction to STEM: Scratch & Controller

Through this workshop, students will make use of Scratch, and an Arduino controller to allow you to turn everyday objects into computer keys. This includes many metallic and organic objects, such as fruit, vegetables, play dough, tinfoil, graphite pencils, liquids, etc. They just need to be conductive.​

This programme uses an intuitive coding system, scratch3.0 and can be used online or offline on a desktop computer or tablet, and uses colourful coding blocks that kids simply drag-and-drop to create a computer program.

You Will

How to create, iterate and share computer programs to create a external controller for their game 

How to to create a simple game with a controller in the Scratch platform

How circuits work and apply circulatory concepts to form a circuit with the controller and other conductive materials.


Suitable for kids ages 6 and above. Best suited for kids who want to try coding/STEM for the first time!


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Sat (10-12pm)

Sat (1-3pm)

Sun (1-3pm)

Start Date:

22 Jan 2022

22 Jan 2022

23 Jan 2022