Stay curious and adaptable

Enabling learners to turn challenges into learning opportunities and overcome barriers during their lifelong educational journey. 

Top 3 Workshop

Discover our top DSA, robotics, coding and/or STEM programmes.


1. Preparation

Learn essential skills required for competitions such as coding, making, innovating, critical thinking, design thinking, public speaking and presentation.

2. Competition

Our trainers will be with the students as they embark on their competition journey if they need any last-minute assistance.

3. DSA Portfolio

During the submission of the DSA application, we help curate achievements of students and provide training for DSA interviews.

Weekly Programme
Boost Your Chances at DSA With Our Competition Preparation Programme

Wide range of programmes

At STEM Institution, we offer a range of programmes for children as young as 5 all the way to adults. We also cater for school training and corporate events.

Holiday Programmes

Holiday programmes are the perfect way to get started with STEM, choose from different software and hardware to see if STEM is for your child!

Weekly Programmes

Our weekly programmes cater for learners of all levels. Learners start with basic courses of STEM before progressing to competition preparation programmes.

Experience Workshops

Who says adults can’t learn new tricks! Adult programmes are for those who just want to have some fun or pick up a new skill to have a go at entrepreneurship!

School Programmes

We offer training programmes for students and teachers and also supply hardware to schools hardware Do drop us an email for a quotation. Our pool of trainers are MOE-approved.

Why Choose Us?

Our programmes are specially crafted to enable learners to discover the valuable skillsets in STEM and find their place in the fast-changing world.

#1. Small Class Size

Our class size has a ratio capped at 8:1.

#2. Real Applications

Our lessons are mostly hands-on and challenge students to apply classroom lessons to solve real-life problems. 

#3. DSA Portfolio Creation

On top of helping our students prepare for competition, we also help them to curate their portfolios for submission during the DSA period.