STEM Holiday Programmes (5 - 14 Years)

STEM Holiday Programmes (5 - 14 Years)

Our STEM holiday programmes are designed for children between 5 to 14 years old to get started on game creation, coding, robotics or design, we have it all! Holiday Programmes are available online or via  physical classes at our Thomson and Pasir Ris Learning centres. Explore our full range of STEM holiday programmes below:


AGE GROUP: 7 years to 11 years old Come join us this June for a 3+2 day STEM holiday BootCamp with a Super Mario theme! It’s the perfect way for your kids to have fun while exploring the fascinating world...

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What do the STEM Holiday Programmes cover?

Our holiday programmes are designed to allow the students to experience coding and robotics in a fun and engaging environment. The programmes are condensed versions of our weekly programmes and give students an idea of what the sessions would be like. During the holiday programme, students will work on simple projects by making use of what they have learnt over the course of the bootcamps. These enjoyable short-term programmes will allow children to spend their time on vacation in a productive and entertaining manner and return to school with numerous skills that they may apply in many aspects of their lives.

What are the benefits of joining STEM Holiday Programmes?

There are various advantages to participating in STEM activities during the holidays. The key advantage of STEM Holiday Programmes is that they keep youngsters interested and learning. Children require nourishment to learn and develop, especially when schools are closed over the holidays. These programs provide engaging and hands-on experiences for children to continue learning and exploring their STEM interests while on vacation.

STEM programmes may also help students improve their academic skills and build critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills, which are necessary in all areas of learning. Students will definitely feel the benefits of their hard work when they return to school with more confidence and comprehension.

What are some activities in STEM Holiday Programmes?

Our STEM Holiday Programmes provide a wide range of activities that are intended to be fun and engaging while also encouraging learning and skill development. The curriculum is designed around distinct themes for each program; however, here are some examples of activities that may be included:

1) Robotics activities encompass the construction and programming of robots to accomplish various tasks using mechanics, coding, and engineering concepts.

2) Coding exercises teach children how to write computer programs and build their own websites and applications, which helps them develop logical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

3) Science experiments involve hands-on exercises designed to educate children about scientific ideas and concepts.

4) Engineering challenges invovle designing and constructing of buildings or equipment to tackle specific issues.

5) Math games use entertaining and engaging activities to teach children arithmetic ideas and principles.

Should my child join the Holiday or Weekly STEM Programme?

Here are two things to consider when deciding if your child should participate in a Holiday or Weekly STEM programme:

1) Schedule: If your child has extra spare time during school vacations and wants to spend it with fun and educational activities, Holiday STEM programmes is a wonderful choice. Meanwhile, Weekly STEM Programmes may be offered regularly after school or on weekends during the school year, which may consume a significant amount of time in your child's daily schedule.

2) Level of interest and goals: If your child is interested in STEM disciplines and wants to learn more about them for future studies or career, a Weekly STEM programme may be a better fit. On the other hand, if your child is just getting interested in STEM areas and simply wants to acquire new skills, a Holiday Programme may be a fantastic approach to expose them to these fields in a fun and engaging way.