Our DSA Formula

Programmes specifically tailored towards DSA portfolio submission!

Our DSA Formula

There are 5 steps to our DSA formula, read below to find our more!

  • Listen

    Getting to know what are your child’s strengths and weaknesses and also which part of stem interests them.

  • Set a Goal

    Consider which schools your child is keen to DSA to. Then, set a realistic goal and decide on the type of competitions to participate in.

  • Prepare

    Learn technical and soft skills required in different competitions including coding, making, and how to present your ideas.

  • Participate

    Participate in as many competitions as possible and keep improving on your technical and soft skills!

    (it’s a bonus if you win!)

  • Apply For DSA

    Put all the achievements that you have gotten in a portfolio. Make sure you are able to explain clearly your experience during the competitions and the skills you have learned.

Competition Preparation Programmes

Our competition preparation programmes are for kids who want to join competitions to boost their chances at DSA! Participating in competitions also allows your child to apply the concepts learnt and is definitely a plus for DSA (it’s a bonus if your child wins).