STEM Competitions

Boost your child’s chances at DSA (Direct School Admission) through our thoroughly crafted & guided STEM programmes.

Our competition preparation programmes are designed for kids who want to join to boost their chances at DSA! 

Participating in STEM competitions also allows your child to apply the concepts learnt and is definitely a plus for DSA (it’s a bonus if your child wins).

Advanced Microcontroller

For ages: 9 and above In this programme, students will learn about different sustainability goals or any set theme and make use of design thinking to create a prototype/solution that attempts to solve the problem. They will learn the different...

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Lego Robotics Programme (DSA)

For ages: 6 and above In this programme, learners will engage in hands-on and screen learning. Learners will learn to problem-solve situational issues and develop solutions through storytelling and computational thinking. They will use Lego Spike Essentials and Spike Prime...

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Sphero BOLT Programme (DSA)

In this programme, learners will learn how to connect and control their robots with several exciting drive modes, use their robot as a controller to play games, or try out Block Drive to introduce programming. Using Sphero Edu, a software...

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DJI Robomaster Drones

For DJI Robomaster DSA Programme, students will make use of coding and robotics to programme and operate the drones. They will be participating in the DJI RoboMaster Youth Championship 2022 Singapore.

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mBot2 MakeX Programme (DSA)

mBot2 Makex is our DSA programme which makes use of block – based coding with the robot mBot2. Students will use the MakeBlock software to programme and operate the mBot2.

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