STEM Workshop & Classes (All Ages)

STEM Workshop & Classes (All Ages)

Our STEM workshops and classes covers a wide age range from learners as young as 4 yrs old to adults.  Our youngster programmes are designer to spark your children’s imagination and equip them with valuable life skills, while our adult STEM programs are for those who just want to have some fun or pick up a new skill to have a go at entrepreneurship!

A Night under the Stars

What's up there? Join us for an immersive experience exploring the outer space in Virtual Reality, crafting your own Keplerian telescope, and observing the moon and stars above us.

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Crafts with Cricut: Faux Leather

For ages: 18 and above Participants will learn how to use Cricut – a smart die-cutting machine, to personalize their own set of faux leather jewelry. The workshop will be 2 hours long, and participants will learn how to: Make...

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STEM Virtual Storytelling Series

Join us as we read the story of Udupi Rao, a famous scientist who succeeded in launching India’s first satellite, the Aryabhata. Experience his work by making your own paper Keplerian telescope! In this session, we will be reading the...

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Crafts with Cricut

Participants will learn the different features in the Cricut machine and create their own designs on their product. For Ages: Family & Adults.

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Who can join the STEM Public Programmes?

Our STEM Public Programmes are intended to be accessible and friendly to anybody who have an interest in STEM, regardless of age, background or expertise. The particular qualifications for each program may vary, but in general, they are available to students of a specified age or grade level, ranging from youngsters to elementary and college students, as well as community members and members of the general public. If you or your child are interested in participating in a STEM Public Programme, do review the eligibility requirements and application procedure to determine if you are eligible.

Are the STEM Public Programmes really for all ages?

Yes! Here at STEM Institution, we believe that learning is for everyone and transcends everything, including age. It is meant for anyone who is willing to learn and have fun while doing so. You may come with friends, family or even on a solo self – learning journey, and we will be happy to have you.

How can participating in Public Programmes and Workshops improve STEM skills?

Our STEM Public Programmes include workshops and crafts that can help participants develop their STEM abilities in a variety of ways. For instance, the workshops and craftmaking allow for hands-on learning, which is a strong approach to obtain a deeper knowledge of how things function and practical experience with STEM instruments and technology. Our curriculum also necessitates the use of creativity and critical thinking abilities to solve difficulties or complete challenges. Participants must identify issues, devise novel solutions, then test their ideas to see which ones perform best.

Why should anyone join the STEM Public Programmes?

There are numerous reasons why anyone should join the STEM Public Programme. For instance, our STEM Public Programmes involve workshops and crafts that can pique curiosity and enthusiasm in STEM areas. Before committing to a longer-term vacation or regular program, joining a one-day workshop and participating in fun and exciting activities may build a stronger interest for STEM topics.

Regular or Holiday STEM programs are also more expensive due to the longer duration and more intensive coursework. If cost is a factor, joining a one-day program would still provide the benefits of STEM education without having to commit some budget.

Finally, these programs also allow participants of all ages to discover new experiences and broaden their horizons while engaging with people who have similar interests.