Adopting STEM Learning Programmes In Schools

In this highly competitive landscape that lies ahead for the next generation, more schools in Singapore have started to adopt STEM learning programmes, equipping students with a variety of skill sets and fostering educational and character values that allow them to be ready for our dynamic workforce in the future. 

Zhonghua Primary School has adopted the applied learning programme – THINKNOVATE, their very own unique STEM-based Applied Learning Programme, for students as young as Primary 1. Young learners are encouraged to explore screen-free coding tools such as MatataLab, learn how to code through mini-challenges and more.

Image Credits: Methodist Preschool

Schools such as Yew Tee and Queenstown Primary have also implemented STEM learning programmes into activities such as school CCAs. Queenstown Primary even piloted an introduction to Computational Thinking Program, teaching the fundamentals of computational thinking to Primary 1 and Primary 2 students using the Matatalab platform. Students get to pick up critical thinking, teamwork and problem-solving skills in the process through engaging play tools in the 4-hour session held during the schools’ experiential week.

Image Credits: matatalab

Early development of computational, creative, and critical thinking in children will put them on the path to mastering and being skilled at coding. One of the many STEM tools used is Tale-Bot by Matatalab, which is an ideal starting point for learning, with the possibility of expanding into more complex coding tools in the future. Students of Zhonghua Primary are able to apply their educational values and skill sets such as self – directedness and teamwork skills that go a long way. 

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Suitable for ages 4 & above – Yes, you’ll be surprised how much they can pick up when they’re that young