How Can Students Develop Skills Outside of School?

Image Credits: The Straits Times

The Ministry of Education Edusave Awards and bursaries were handed to more than 1,200 students by the Teck Ghee Citizens’ Consultative Committee, providing them with additional funds for the upcoming semester.

As there will be no more mid-year examinations for students, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong urges students to spend more time learning and discovering new learnings rather than spending all their time studying for examinations.

One of the best ways to learn and discover new hobbies or interests is by attending out of school learning or enrichment activities. Students will be able to pick up new learnings that may not be taught in schools in order to develop and learn new skills. This allows them to become more adaptable individuals as they grow too.

Image Credits: Trifecta Martial Arts

One of the most common ways to allow your child to develop skills such as teamwork, perseverance and leadership, all while leading a healthier lifestyle is by allowing your child to attend sports classes in group settings, like football, roller skating classes, taekwondo, Wushu and more.

Music, arts and creative enrichment programmes in all can also be another option for your child if they express interests. Development in these areas often enriches them in areas of motor, literacy and social-emotional skills. It also give them a regular hobby or even serves an alternate option for his/her career paths in the future.

Image Credits: Dance At The Difference

With increasing attention and focus on STEM industries, attending STEM programmes are another hands-on and active learning method to develop valuable skills such as critical thinking, creative problem solving and even hard skills such as coding, programming and robotics that also supports their learning in schools too. STEM, coding and programming courses may seem intimidating at first, but with the incorporation of game play and support from large play materials manufacturers like LEGO, it is becoming increasingly popular within the younger ones and strongly supported by government schools too. Find out more about STEM learning today!