Senior STEMERS programme to introduce coding/robotics/STEM to the older children. This is an introductory programme which introduces to the students the different types of coding and robotics they can do. Botzees, Sphero BOLT and Forensic Science will each be a different learning experience.

Botzees : Through Botzees, students will be introduced to to world of AR and coding. Combine the motors and sensors with rounded plastic pieces to create fun robots with personality. Learn coding along the way through the fun and delightful games.

Sphero BOLT: Students will learn how to use the different features available in the robot and code to display characters & sensor data. 

Forensic Science : Students will learn various forensic science techniques to solve a fictional case study. Techniques include analyzing blood spatter patterns, fingerprinting, ink chromatography and DNA analysis.

For Ages: 8- to 10-year-olds